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Wayfarers Information


Check in Times

Our normal check-in times are from 14:00 to 18:00. You are welcome to leave your luggage with us if you arrive before 14:00, bearing in mind that your room may not yet be ready for immediate occupation.

If you are going to arrive later than 18:00 please let us know, either when booking or on the day of arrival, if for example your flight has been delayed. Very late check- ins will be surcharged if there is not an extremely acceptable reason.
Leaving Johannesburg after 14:00 or Pretoria after 14:30 will very likely cause a late check in, and this should be borne in mind at the time of making the Reservation. Furthermore , darkness falls between 18:00 and 19:00 hours most of the year, and lead to guests, unfamiliar with local driving conditions, putting themselves, their family, and other road users at risk.

Check out Time

Our Check out time is 10:00 am on the day of departure.This applies to all guests as rooms have to be made up for incoming arrivals.
If you need a shower or bath at a later hour, then please book for two nights, not one!


We exercise a policy of “no smoking” throughout the interior of our Guest House. However Guests are free to smoke outside in our garden, or on the Decks.


Breakfast is served between 07h30 and 09h00,at separate tables  in our dining room.
A choice of English or Continental breakfasts is  available.
If you have special dietary requirements, please advise this fact in advance of arrival so that every effort can be made to accommodate your needs.
For those leaving very early for Kruger National Park, or elsewhere, breakfast boxes will be provided, as long as they are requested the day before.


 As there are a number of good restaurants within easy reach of Wayfarers we do not  serve dinner, as we do not wish to compete with these establishments. We have the menus for most of the Sabie Restaurants and will give our recommendations as to where to go to have an enjoyable evening.

GPS Coordinates

(taken by our front gate, but cannot be guaranteed to be completely accurate)
25  degrees 05  37" S

Longitude: 30 degrees 47  01 " E
Altitude: 1060 metres

General Information



When out travelling, keep your valuables in the boot of your car, out of sight. Always lock your vehicle when it is unattended. When you park your car anywhere in South Africa, you will probably find a Security person, who offers to look after your vehicle whilst it is unattended. This is optional , dependant upon the area and whether you have belongings inside the vehicle which will not fit in the boot. Should you agree to the service, a tip of R1 or R2 upon your return, providing your vehicle is in the same condition that you left it, will be acceptable.
If you have the misfortune to be stopped by The Traffic Police,who may be genuine Police or the Bogus variety, who are operating again, and are threatened with a Traffic Fine, for whatever Offence, DO NOT HAND OVER CASH, but insist on a "Ticket" to be written out, which should contain all relevant details of the alleged offence, together with Fine payable, and date of Court Appearance. This Document can then be taken to The Magistrates Office in Sabie.
I am not encouraging SPEEDING, but the general rule of thumb is that you can exceed the speed limit by up to ten percent, without being stopped, i.e up to 88 in an 80 zone.

Car Hire

Please remember that if you intend to take your hire car out of South Africa, and into neighbouring Countries, then a Permit is required from your Car Hire Company. It is best to arrange this when you collect your vehicle. Arrangements can be made at Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport, but this will take up some of your valuable time. Please be careful, as we are aware of Scams taking place at KMIA with respect to Car Rental vehicles.

Petrol & Diesel

In South Africa there are plenty of Filling Stations in the towns and cities, but in between there are often none at all, so make sure that you fill your tank before leaving urban areas. For example, there are no Filling Stations between Sabie and White River.

The price of Petrol in Sabie is currently R13.05 per litre. as of August 02,2017. In Sabie there are three Filling Stations namely two Caltex and  one Engen. The Caltex near Smokeys is the only one which sells LRP.

Unlike most of the world, Filling Stations in South Africa are not “self-service”. Therefore, apart from filling your tank the Petrol Pump attendant should offer to check your oil and water and tyre pressure and also to clean your windscreen. Once this has been done to your satisfaction, a small tip is in order, again usually an amount up to R2 is happily accepted.

Garages in South Africa now accept the use of Debit Cards as a method of payment for fuel. A hand held device called Swipa enables you to swipe any Debit Card from any Bank for your fuel purchase, from the comfort of your vehicle.

Weather & Climate

Sabie, like most of South Africa, has Summer rainfall, and clear, dry  warm Winter days with cool nights. We have experienced a severe Drought, the worst for 104 years, so please use water sparingly! However our December rainfall was above our normal average rainfall, and everything is green, and growing again. In Kruger the rivers are flowing.  Sabie lies 1,120 metres above sea level, and therefore enjoys a very pleasant climate. It is always slightly warmer in the Blyde River Canyon ,Kruger National Park,and Nelspruit, so hats and sunscreen are a necessity all the year round.

Public Holidays

Many visitors arrive in South Africa, without reservations, and are  unaware of our  Public Holidays and  often, a long weekend, lies ahead. These periods are always extremely busy, so to help you better plan ahead, these important dates are set out below:
 September 24,2017 Heritage Day  
 September 25, 2017 Public Holiday   
 December 16, 2017 Day of Reconciliation.  
 December 25, 2017 Christmas Day . 
 December 26 ,2017 Day of Goodwill.  
 January 01, 2018 New Years Day.   
 March 21, 2018 Human Rights Day   
 March 30 ,2018 Good Friday.
 April 02, 2018 Easter Monday.
 School Holidays
The next School holidays in Mpumalanga start on  30,September 2017 and will continue until 08,October,2017 in the case of  Government Schools, and  Independent Schools  Half-Term starts on 19 October and ends on 23 October,2017.

These are always very popular times for South African families to go on holiday, and booking is advisable during these periods, particularly over Christmas and Easter, and for the Kruger Park.

Please check our bulletin board for updates regarding rates, availability of accommodation and other important information.